Recently I was scrolling through the Instagram account @_foodstories_ when our content coordinator Natalie glanced at a photo of a pie crust and said, “Oh, I love Food Stories!” She knew immediately which account I was looking at from a pie crustAnd that’s the power of branding. When stylistically similar photos bursting with personality fill your feed, they’re easy to remember and care about. Not to mention that looking at a feed full of beautiful photos with a distinct artistic touch is just plain wonderful.

So what made that pie crust so distinct? Let’s take a look at the @_foodstories_ feed:

These are mostly food photos, often taken from an aerial or diagonal perspective, that are very dark with small, vibrant pops of color. Not to mention that the photos are all styled to perfection. Talk about strong branding. So let’s take a look at some of these simple elements that can make your Instagram feed consistent, stylistic, and unique.



Keeping your lighting consistent can be a little tricky when out and about, but it pays off tremendously. Case in point: the deep shadows and natural, moody lighting in @local_milk’s feed.


Color Scheme

Another option for cultivating a strong brand is using a consistent color scheme, and @saradujour is a strong example. Her photos are all edited with a distinctive beige filter. But be careful with color- there’s a fine line between color consistency and monotony.


Contents and Composition

Consistent content and composition are perhaps the easiest elements, but also perhaps the least practical. With her consistent floral images and scattered composition, @emilyquinton is a strong example. But not all Instagram accounts can manage to be so restrictive. If you’re posting a wide array of subjects, you can add this element in subtle ways: similar angles, cropping, arrangement, and more.


Think Outside the Box

The Endless Table constructed by @reynoldskitchens is one of my favorite examples of Instagram creativity. Reynolds deconstructs a photo of a table full of food and turns each of the dishes into individual pictures that, when viewed together, form one virtual endless table. These photos share an obvious brand- after all, they’re all connected. And they’re captivating because they break the traditional “rules” of Instagram. So think outside the box and get creative. Defy Instagram viewers’ expectations, and you’ll cultivate a truly spectacular Instagram brand.

Show us your Instagram progress in the comments, or by tagging @rilleandco in your next photo!

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