Rille & Co. is Instacrush-worthy in the September issue of Luxe magazine

Rille & Co. is Instacrush-worthy in the September issue of Luxe magazine

When I crush, I crush hard. My wall was covered in posters of New Kids on the Block back in the 80's. When I was 13 I watched every movie Corey Haim was in, no matter how awful. I still get the odd crush (hello Idris Elba), but these days my crushes are mostly on Instagram feeds: the photos, style and musings of my Instacrushes are inspiring and lustworthy. So you can imagine my excitement when I became the crushed-upon! 

Luxe Interiors + Design featured Rille & Co.'s feed as their Instacrush for September. Here are a few of the questions they asked that didn't make it into the magazine, but I thought you might like to read anyway.

Luxe: What inspires you to take a photo?

Celine: It varies for every photo - sometimes it’s a color palette that appeals to me, or a plate of food that looks like art, and sometimes it’s just the urge to share some news about a cool new boutique or event. 

L: Do you take all of the images with your phone or on a camera? What’s your apparatus of choice and why?

C: I was a photo editor and photographer for over 10 years, and even though I have all the gear, I find that I use my phone camera the most. It’s so convenient and I always have it with me, and most of what I capture for Instagram is spontaneous, so it’s a no brainer to just grab my phone. Every so often I’ll take the time to set up my camera and capture something more static, like a flower arrangement or a plate of food, but that’s becoming more and more rare.

L: Who are your must-follow instagram accounts? What do you like about them?

C: Marte_Marie_Forsberg: She’s a Norwegian photographer that moved to a cottage close to where I grew up in England. Her moody, romantic shots of food and the English countryside make me feel at home. CEDRICDASSESSON: An Italian photographer that shoots water, exclusively. His images are so calming and dreamy, I love it when he pops up in my feed, my eyes find his images so restful. KCSTAUFFER: A local mother of 5 who photographs her kids daily. She has the most adorable twin girls with the most expressive faces. It’s a joy to see what they’re up to. ITSLINDAK: She’s created such a strong aesthetic brand with her minimal, clean images. Plus she shoots all the things I like - fashion, food and spaces.

L: In your opinion, what makes a good instagram feed?

C: I love feeds that have a visual consistency to them (I’m all about creating a brand), that show off a strong sense of style, and that inspire me either photographically or with their content (beautiful spaces, wanderlust worthy travel pics, or a killer outfit).